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Setting Up A Home Office- The Dos and Don’ts

Setting Up A Home Office- The Dos and Don’ts

by Rohan

We have made our home an extension of our outdoor space. We have turned our living room into a theatre, turned our balcony into a garden, and most importantly, turned our bedrooms into offices. Although most people in India believe that setting up a work from the home setup is as simple as installing a table and chair, when laid out the right way, this setup can provide an effective way of increasing productivity to help keep up with this change. You can get a table on rent if you want to cut down on your budget.

As a consequence of the pandemic, people in India have started thinking about setting up their own offices. 61 percent of the respondents of a recent survey by Forbes Magazine indicated that they are open to working from home in order to continue their jobs after the pandemic.

The setup of a small home office can have its benefits when it comes to getting your creative juices flowing, however, office space in a professional setting has its own benefits when it comes to employees performing their tasks more efficiently. An office’s productivity can play an important role in the company’s success. 

Here are some reasons why you should consider making your office more productive:

  1. An office is usually climate controlled with slightly cold air, which keeps employees performing at a better level. In an Indian climate, which is generally humid, keeping the workplace cooled can help you feel more comfortable. 
  2. Offices are generally very clean and meticulously planned with separate cabins for each department, so that employees are motivated to actually focus on their jobs. 
  3. There are other factors to consider as well, such as the desk. A work from home desk gives one the feeling of privacy. It supports good posture when sitting at a computer. There is a footrest under the desk to ensure comfort.
  4. Teamwork is another important component of success in the workplace. There are several other employees working towards the same goal with you, which stimulates competition and helps push you to perform better. It sometimes even helps you complete projects on time!

There is something very sad about not being able to use your office desk setup, your favourite chair, or the foot rest that somehow helped you focus better on your work, anymore. But the most important thing is to accept and adapt to the new situation. The environment you work in directly affects your mood, as successful entrepreneurs agree. 

For someone setting up a home office for the very first time, you need to start with the most important piece: the chair. Before you start searching for more work desk decor ideas, think about the chair as the essential beginning. You can also get chairs and tables for rent to get other items for your office.

Final Words

The most comfortable chair is at the top of the list of all the other items and work from home furnishings needed to promote work from home productivity. Find a chair that matches your workspace. A chair that is too large or too small may counteract the ergonomic elements. A chair with an adjustable back is like the lid on a jar: an ergonomic chair is not completely ergonomic unless it has an adjustable back.

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