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If It Looks And Smells Like Marijuana

If It Looks And Smells Like Marijuana, It Must Be >>> CBD Hemp Flowers?!

by Aishwarya Gaikwad

Cannabis is a popular topic of discussion and actually proved a favorite subject for centuries relating to its varied properties. The plant’s current compound in the spotlight is cannabidiol or CBD from the hemp species with its buds. 

Read why cannabidiol is just beginning to evolve. If you happen to follow the highlights relating to the hemp CBD flower, you must be aware that these are near doppelgängers to the marijuana species. With the appearance being so uncanny, the initial thought would have to be whether the smell would compare. 

With the hemp and marijuana plants deriving from cannabis, the guess would be that both would offer what many describe as a skunk-like, earthy, pungent aroma that accompanies the marijuana side. As a matter of fact, CBD strains’ smell can be very similar to that of marijuana strains. Still, it’s dependent on preservation techniques, variety, terpenes, ripeness, and other factors not so clear-cut as a blatant comparison would provide.

High CBD Hemp Flower Strains And Their Distinct Aromas

A CBD flower strain is a hemp bud offering substantial cannabidiol levels but traces to negligible THC. When hemp breeders learned of the scientific discovery of CBD and its massive appeal, they began to cultivate plants with a greater abundance of the cannabinoid to the point there is currently a vast array of strains comparable to marijuana without the mind-altering effects from THC.

The determining factor for the smell in each strain is compounds referred to as terpenes. These are not only found in cannabis but rather most herbs, vegetables, and fruits. These are naturally occurring chemical compounds meant to protect vegetation against attack from predators, instead, welcoming pollinators. The ecosystem relies on terpenes as a necessary resource. 

With the bud itself, CBD and the other chemical components look to the terpenes as an essential element responsible for strengthening the other individual compounds’ properties.

There is a broad range of terpenes, each with distinct odors, such as pinene with an aroma of pine or limonene known for its scent of citrus. The individual hemp buds will breed and grow with unique sets of terpenes in varying concentrations based on their profile. Because of this, each CBD flower will have a one-of-a-kind smell based on that profile. Find out what to look for when select buds at https://www.traveldailynews.com/post/three-things-to-consider-when-choosing-your-cbd-hemp-flowers.

Terpenes And The CBD Hemp Flowers Aromas

Nature comprises over 200 various terpenes, with some more common within the cannabidiol flowers than others creating specific smells for the hemp buds. There isn’t a universal smell that comes with the product. 

Each will be unusual to itself because each will have a distinctive profile, unlike another. Even if the terpene is the same as another plant, there will be a slight distinction in levels. Some terpenes and the aromas they present include:

  • Most Abundant: Myrcene is among the most common found in hemp strains, responsible for that earthy smell all too familiar for many users. Also described as skunk-like and musty, this is the one that would most compare to the odor of marijuana.
  • Second On The List: Limonene is a pleasant compound boasting a citrus scent reminiscent of oranges or tangerines, exceptionally fresh and vibrant.
  • Like A Bouquet: Linalool is one that offers a bouquet of flowers in specific strains of hemp buds, and you can also find the terpene in herbs with an incredible aroma like lavender.
  • Hot And Spicy: Caryophyllene provides a robust spicy odor reminiscent of what you would find in black pepper, cinnamon, basil, or rosemary, very apparent and emphatic.
  • Like Your In The Forest: Pinene, either beta or alpha, merely smells like a pine tree. That’s an aroma that can be especially enjoyable in the winter or around the holidays.
  • Rare Beauty: Terpineol is a rare find, but if you do, you will enjoy the scent of lilacs. 
  • For Those Who Smoke: There are smokers anxious to quit tobacco or nicotine. Geraniol is an option that has a tobacco aroma. While smoking a strain with this smell, you will psychologically fool yourself into believing you’re indulging in cigarettes. These are perhaps an ideal way to break a nasty habit. What the mind believes is so.

For Those Who Smoke

For those who choose to smoke the hemp buds, smells intensify with this consumption. The aroma you achieve is a tell as to the quality of the product. Once pressed, a good bud will release a potent flavor allowing the user evidence of its integrity.

Final Thought

If you find hemp CBD flower strains that have no smell or offer an odor of grass or hay, you don’t want to purchase these. A good quality offering will exude an essence that will help you make an appropriate choice between the different options. 

The aroma is genuinely a sign of a high-grade product. A flower’s terpenes should be intense and have characteristics separating the buds one from another like earthiness, floral, fruity, citrus, or other designations to make each a distinct selection from another.

When you smoke different strains to see which one you prefer, you will recognize why terpenes considerably contribute to the pleasure of the experience. But more notably, their therapeutic attributes combine with the other chemical components of the plant to enhance the effects of CBD, making the cannabinoid that much more beneficial for the user.

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